Terms Of Service

This website is owned and operated by mTrade, LLC, By signing into or using this website (or any part of it), you agree to be legally bound by the terms and conditions of the mTrade Clean Room Services Agreement along with its accompanying schedules and exhibits. The mTrade Services Agreement itself is available from this page by clicking on the link shown below. The mTrade Services Agreement and the accompanying schedules and exhibits are available for inspection once you have logged in. From time to time, mTrade may add, delete or modify the various documents, in which case the new or revised documents shall govern your use of this website and the mTrade services.

These terms and conditions apply to and govern your use of the website and the mTrade services which are available through it. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you may not use this website or the mTrade services.

Separate written agreement. However, if you (or the entity under which you are a user of this website and any mTrade services) and mTrade have entered into a separate written agreement that covers your use of any mTrade service, the terms and conditions of that agreement shall control with respect to that service to the extent they are inconsistent with the documents referenced below or found elsewhere on this website

Software Notifications and Attribution

In developing the services that mTrade provides to its clients, certain software, especially open source software, has been used in part to develop those services or as part of their deployment.

Each different software component used is subject to a software license which affects that software component alone. The terms of that software license may require a specific notice be given to users of the mTrade services which incorporate that software. The software components which mTrade engages along with the appropriate notices for each software component can be found on this website under Help

For clarification purposes, these notices do not limit or inhibit your use of the mTrade services which are made available to you under your Services Agreement between you and mTrade, provided however that you are not authorized to

  • Redistribute any of the software components to any third parties; or
  • Create any materials with any of the software components for distribution to third parties

The source code for software components are generally available (thus "open source") on the Internet, typically through well-known depositories, including GitHub and NuGet. If you are interested and are having difficulty in obtaining any of these software components in source code form, feel free to contact mTrade.